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Video Series: OTG's North State & Southern Oregon Adventure

Come along with the OTG crew as they explore some of the best overland tracks in far northern California & southern Oregon. This 4-part video series features locations, trails and roads including the Lost Coast 4x4 Trail, Wild Rivers Discovery Trail and the Siskiyou Crest Adventure Trail.

Episode 1: Exploring the Hidden Gems of the North Coast

Ben makes a quick overnight stop along the Lost Coast before heading up north to meet Andreas in Humboldt County and explore a portion of the Steelhead Adventure Trail. The boys end up at a beautiful riverside camp deep in the Smith River NRA.

Episode 2: Exploring Oregon's Amazing Wild Rivers

Ben and Andreas head north across the border into southern Oregon to take on the Wild Rivers Discovery Trail. The boys managed to do about 90% of the track, visiting the Winchuck, Chetco, Illinois, Rogue and south fork Coquille Rivers.

Episode 3: Into the Siskiyous- is this Oregon's prettiest Mountain Range?

Leaving the Wild Rivers Discovery Trail behind, Ben and Andreas head east to connect with the Siskiyou Crest Adventure Trail. The plan was to scout some new tracks, and update the old route with more dirt and more incredible views. Come along to see if they accomplished their goal!

Episode 4: Things go Sideways in the Siskiyous

Mesmerized by the beautify of southern Oregon and the Siskiyous, dangers lurks just around the corner unbeknownst to Ben. What starts as a fantastic last couple of days in the mountains, turns into a giant headache-- snowdrifts, broken shocks, and getting stuck under a low hanging tree. How will it turn out?

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Joe Ray
Joe Ray
Dec 16, 2023

Wow!! Epic trip, I'm envious. Early trips in mid June are super green in the lowlands, but can hold snow at 7k feet well into July, but it sounds like you were kinda expecting it. I bet you were going to pick up the Shasta/Trinity route at Lake Siskiyou (for a really epic combined tour). Almost. Great videos, I enjoyed all of them. Thanks for sharing! -- Joe

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