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Who we are

Overland Trail Guides (OTG) was created due to the sheer challenge of trying to plan overland and offroad adventures to new places.  Sure you could spend hours, even days using Google to scour the internet for that perfect adventure.  And it's true that some sites do have directories for overland routes, but they are typically limited to a particular region. 


Our goal at Overland Trail Guides is to introduce you to new adventures, both near and far.  We've taken the grunt work out of finding new routes by creating an extensive library of offroad adventures across the entire North American continent.  Every one of our adventures comes with a list of detailed information, so you can decide which adventures are right for you.

Free Routes
Some of our routes can be accessed free of charge (still requires you register).  These are typically routes that are already in the public domain like The Mojave Road and various segments of the California Backcountry Discovery Trail like Plumas Backcountry Discovery Trail.  

Proprietary Routes
The vast majority of routes on OTG are proprietary routes that were developed in-house.  These routes are typically behind a paywall that requires an annual subscription. 

To get in touch with OTG, send an email to info (at)

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