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The St. George Super G

Updated: Mar 16

Moab may get all of the off road glory in Utah, but there's beauty in them hills and mountains around St George. The St George Super G, or simply the Super G Track is 418 mile loop circles St George while traversing the surrounding mountains, mesas and canyons. The 400+ mile long route traverses some of southwest Utah's most scenic landscapes.

Route Overview

Trip Length & Season

Adventure Rating: Baja Trip Length: 5-8 days, 437 miles. Season: The shoulder seasons of Spring and Fall are the best time to visit given mild temperatures (check snow levels if visiting in early Spring, particularly around Kolob Reservoir). It may be possible to do much of the track in winter but snowdrifts may block the higher elevations while other trails may see seasonal closures. Summer isn't recommended given daytime temps that can exceed 100F at the lower elevations.

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Route Details

The St. George Super G, or simply the Super G Track, is the perfect way to explore southwestern Utah. The 437-mile track makes a giant loop around the mountains, mesas, and desert plains that surround St. George. Along the way, travelers will get to experience some of the better-known locations around St. George, but much of the Super G goes deep into the backcountry far away from the crowds.

Starting near downtown, the track climbs into the scenic Red Cliffs National Conservation Area (DP1) via the well-graded Cottonwood Road. The track makes a loop around Glass Knoll and passes near the cinder cone and lava fields of Snow Canyon State Park. If you have time, we recommend making the 1.5-mile hike up Diamond Valley Cinder Cone (DP2) and checking out the lava tubes from the Lava Flow trailhead. As you work your way back up the mountain, at 10,364' elevation, the impressive Signal Peak (DP3) towers above you. The trail descends down the mountain, joining Cottonwood Road once again, and dumps you into the Silver Reef mining district. Established in 1875, Silver Reef was once a bustling boomtown where high-grade silver was mined from the Navajo sandstone. By 1880, silver production declined, as did the town's population. From Silver Reef, the track crosses the interstate and follows a series of bumpier trails as you make your way towards the picturesque Toquerville Falls (DP9). Toquerville Falls is a favorite point of interest in these parts as you can drive right across the falls, creating an incredibly scenic photo opportunity. Just keep in mind, this is a popular trail and sees a decent amount of traffic on weekends. From the falls, you'll follow the highway for a few miles, then follow Mesa Road up to Hurricane Mesa, where the pavement turns back to dirt. The canyons of Hurricane Mesa have hosted several Red Bull Rampage events, including the first Red Bull Rampage venue, which is about a mile from the town of Virgin. To the east, you can see the rugged peaks of Zion National Park. If you watch closely, you should be able to identify the North (DP12) and South Guardian Angel peaks (be sure to stop by the La Verkin Canyon Viewpoint (DP10), which has incredible views of the Blackridge Wilderness).

Soon the route will intersect with the pavement of Kolob Terrace Road, which works its way up the mountain and into Zion National Park. Another viewpoint that is worth visiting is the short out-and-back to the incredibly picturesque Lava Point overlook (D13). About a mile from Lava Point, the road turns back to dirt. You'll work your way around the rugged Hornet Point (DP14) and then follow Upper Basin Road below the impressive Kanarra Mountain (DP15). Upper Basin Road intersects with Kanarra Mountain Road, which takes you down to old US Hwy 91 and into Kanarraville. Kanarra Falls (DP16), one of the best hikes along the route, but visiting the falls does require purchasing tickets in advanced from The falls are accessed by hiking up the creek through a red rock slot canyon. Be prepared to get wet as you'll need to wade through the creek to reach the falls. As you head west from Kanarraville, you may wish to turn right when you exit the interstate. From Kanarraville, you'll climb up and into the mountains, eventually reaching Little Pinto Valley. Much of the valley is private property, but there are still a number of dispersed campsites just outside of the private property. Upon reaching Richie Flat, you'll come across the old Page Ranch House (DP17). Page Ranch was a small settlement that sprung up in relation to the mining town of Old Irontown. Just a few miles down the road sits Old Irontown. Originally established in 1868 as Old Iron, the settlement thrived, producing iron ore for a brief period, but by the mid-1870s, Irontown was on its way to being abandoned. From Old Irontown, the track follows a series of mostly wide and well-kept dirt roads, passing through the quaint outpost of Pinto. Follow the gravel road to Highway 18, which leads to Enterprise, and another opportunity to refuel.

Upon reaching the old townsite of Hebron, the track heads south towards Enterprise Reservoir, and the pavement once again turns back to dirt. As you head further west along Colie Flat Road, the road narrows and climbs higher into the pinyon pine and juniper forest. Stay vigilant as there are a number of interesting rock formations along this part of the route. You'll climb up and over Cougar Pass (elev. 6,346), zigzagging your way past Mineral Mountain and to lower ground, eventually reaching the Goldstrike Mine (DP21). The Goldstrike mining district was known for its gold deposits that were found near the surface, especially along nearby faults. While in operation, the mine produced over 209k ounces of gold and 197k ounces of silver.

The track continues south, reaching the northern terminus of the Mojave Desert. This becomes evident as you drive through the Woodbury Joshua Tree forest (DP23). As you make your way towards Bloomington Cave (DP24, a 1.4-mile-long cave!), the red cliff mesas that surround St. George will begin to reappear. But you're not home free quite yet-- we've still got some exploring to do! First, you'll drop down to the banks of the Virgin River, which has a couple of nice dispersed campsites near its banks. Next, you'll head south towards Mokaac Mountain and into the Pinyon pine forest, over Little Wolf Pass and around Wolf Hole Mountain. The last leg of the journey takes on the popular Sand Mountain OHV area. Before reaching Sand Mountain, you'll pass through the otherworldly Waves of Color (DP28). Before climbing up the mesa to Sand Mountain, there's also an opportunity to explore some fossilized dinosaur tracks (DP29). Be sure to follow the GPX track up the mesa, as there are a number of other trails, some of which are extremely technical. Highlights of the Sand Mountain area include Top of the World (DP31), the dune field, competition hill, and the Devil's Playground. The views atop Sand Mountain are impressive, with St. George below and Zion National Park not far away. You'll end things with a visit to the Paiute rock art panel (DP34), shortly before the track ends at the pavement.


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