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The New & Improved Gold Butte Adventure Route

From time to time we update our existing routes. This can be due to a variety of reasons, including but certainly not limited to, road or trail closure requires a detour on the main route, latering the track to improve the overall overlanding experience (usually adding more dirt), and adding more discovery points. To view the updated route guide and GPX files, please visit the Gold Butte Adventure Route guide page. More Dirt, Less Pavement

The new dirt track that bypasses Interstate-15

After our last visit to Gold Butte in November of 2023, we scouted some new trails in an effort to avoid the highway and interstate. We're happy to announce that our scouting was a success! The newly updated track allows overlanders to bypass the entire pavement section of Interstate-15 (and the need to air up). The new track cuts straight across from Moapa Valley to the Green River, right on the edge of the Gold Butte National Monument Boundary. Additionally, we were also able to a few miles of interesting trails (cutting around 5 miles of pavement on Highway 169) between Valley of Fire and Logandale Trails.  

A Ton of New Discovery Points

The original version of the Gold Butte Adventure Route contained a grand total of 14 discovery points. Before heading back out to Gold Butte this past November, I made sure to do some additional research to see what else was hiding in the desert. And boy, let me tell I found A LOT! With new discovery points added, the new grand total lists 37 discovery points. This includes impressive new features like the Anniversary Narrows slot canyon, the Owl Dam, Buffington Pockets, Whitney Pocket, Colorock Quarry, Falling Man Panel petroglyphs Trail, and more. We even included a GPX track to help explore the impressive array of petroglyphs along the Falling Man Panel trail.

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