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Spring 2023: New Routes

OTG is excited to announce the addition of two new proprietary routes, including a 2,000+ mile flagship route, and one member submitted route from Go Native Overland.

The Great American Outback Trail Perhaps the capstone of our work thus far. We spent months upon months researching, and developing this route, finally finishing our work last October with a trip up to southern Oregon to figure out the last leg of the track. Inspired by the Australian outback's incredibly harsh and remote Canning Stock Route, the 2,400 mile

long Great American Outback Trail is the perfect way to wander some of the lower 48's most remote wildlands. Snaking its way through northeastern California, eastern Oregon, southwest Idaho, and northern Nevada, the track is filled with a ton of pioneer and aboriginal history, awe inspiring landscapes, and bucketloads of solitude. Some of the highlights of the route include the Modoc Plateau and Lava Caves, the eastern Cascades, the Owyhee Canyonlands, the Black Rock Desert, Steens Mountain and the Alvord Desert, and the Jarbidge Mountains. The route features a track only version for non-subscribers, but subscribers get access to 300+ POIs and 163 discovery points.

Five Tribes Overland Trail The Five Tribes Overland Trail was created by Todd Greenberg, aka Go Native Overland. Since retiring,

Todd has been doing a ton of exploring in Texas and the greater American Southwest. Recognizing the number of members we have in Texas and the southeast, we wanted to start showcasing some lesser known routes for folks to explore closer to home, and Todd's 5 Tribes was the frontrunner of those we'd reviewed. Covering 1,300+ miles (and we hear there's a new extension) the track starts just outside of Freeport, Texas on the Gulf Coast and makes its way to the mountains just west of Roswell. The track is broken down into 4 segments, each featuring the ancestral lands of at least one First Nations tribe. The segments and 5 tribes are:

  1. Karankawa & Tonkawa (Freeport to Waco)

  2. Wichita (Waco to Truscott)

  3. Comanche (Truscott to Roswell)

  4. Mescalero (Roswell to Capitan Mountains)

Spring is a a fantastic time to explore the trail!

The Redwood Coast Adventure Trail (RedCAT) Even thought this one is right in our backyard, we've been trying to figure out this route for a number of years. And we finally did it, ending up with a 472 mile route that highlights some of the best Redwood parks in California, and the impressive beauty of the Redwood Coast and the surrounding hills and mountains. Whether you drive a Land Cruiser, Subaru, Sprinter, or prefer an adventure bike, this really is the perfect adventure for just about any type of vehicle that doesn't mind a little dirt (50% of the route is dirt). Along the way, you'll explore the emerald clear waters of the Smith River, drive through some of the most impressive ancient redwood forests on earth including Bull Creek Flats (features the densest biomass on earth and the largest concentration of 350' tall trees), cross paths with elk herds and elephant seal colonies, explore tidepools, and marvel at the rolling grass covered hills of Mendocino and Humboldt Counties-- it's not hard to see why the hippies fled the city for the promised land back in the 60s and 70s!

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