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Photo Expose: East Mojave Heritage Trail

If you haven't heard of Dan and his AdventureTaco blog, well, you're in for a treat. If you're already familiar with AdentureTaco, you know that Dan always brings the fire when it comes to his adventures and the accompanying photography. This past fall, Dan finally ventured down to the East Mojave Heritage Trail. We like to think it was due to the insistent prodding from our side, but Billy Creech, current MDHCA president has been doing some incredible work to help resurrect what we believe is one of the best overland tracks in North America. We encourage you to read Dan's adventure along the East Mojave Heritage Trail on his his AdventureTaco blog. East Mojave Heritage Trail Route Guide If you're interested in learning more about the 700+ mile Eastern Mojave Heritage Trail, please head over to the OTG route guide for the EMHT, which features the most comprehensive GPX files available for the EMHT.

All Photos credit Adventure Taco aka Mr TurboDB

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