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Look out Moab-- There's a Grand New Overland Route in Town!

The 120 mile long White Rim Trail has long been a part of Moab's off road lore, and more recently, the Montrose to Moab off road route via the RimRocker Trail (160 miles) has managed to gain it's fair share of critical acclaim. Both tracks are packed with views for days and interesting sites along the way, but you'll be out on the trail three, maybe four days at most unless you really take your team. Enter the 500+ mile Grand-Rocker loop that straddles the Utah-Colorado Border, offering what we believe is the ultimate overland experience in the Moab Area. Loosely based on the Grand Loop, which was one of the first classic long distance bikepacking routes in the United States, the Grand-Rocker follows much of the same terrain with quite a few variations along the way as well. The Grand-Rocker Loop is destined to become a Moab classic With red rock canyons, mesas, technical trails, river crossings, and more, the Grand-Rocker has it all! Adventurers will have the opportunity to explore well known trails like Fins-n-things, Porcupine Rim, Kokopelli Trail, and more obscure locations in the Moab region like the Dolores Triangle-- a favorite among locals seeking to escape the crowds. If you're up for a week-long adventure in the Moab backcountry, then check out our newest Moab area adventure!

Trip Length: 6-12 days days, 509 miles Season: Recommended June to October. This track may be accessible earlier/later in the season depending on snow. Recommended Vehicle: High clearance 4x4

Recommended Moto: A mid-weight or dual sport bike is best suited for this adventure. You'll want to take the Dolores River reroute (see alternative routes) to skip the river ford. Big bikes are not recommended given the numerous rocky and technical tracks.

Adventure Vans: not recommended

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