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Custom Trips

Custom overlanding Itineraries

With the largest curated library of overland routes in North America, we can build your dream overlanding itinerary.  Whether you're seeking a 1 week long adventure, or a trip that spans several months, our professional team will work closely with you to build a route and itinerary that is custom suited to your specific requirements.

Minimum Itinerary Requirements

  • 4 weeks or longer

Locations we build overland adventures and itineraries for:

  • United States (including Alaska)

  • Canada

  • Mexico


What OTG Provides:

  • Custom route guide and info (pdf file)

  • A route tailored to your needs (touring vs technical)

  • GPX files for all included routes and waypoints (points of interest)

  • Places to explore based on your requirements (hikes, historic sites, mines, technical trails, etc).

  • Wildlife viewing (birdwatching, elk, wild horses, grizzly, bison, etc)

For more information email:


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