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The Black Rock Desert Experience (Tour)

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Black Rock Upcoming Tour Dates

OTG has partnered with American Safari Company (ASC) to launch Overland Tours and Safaris in 2023. ASC will be leading tours across various locations across the West Coast in 2023, including the infamous Black Rock Desert. If you're a history buff, geology nerd, or just a plain old desert rate-- you'll love the Black Rock Experience. The Black Rock Desert features the largest salt flat in North America, is home to the infamous burning man festival, and also happens to be the site where the land-speed record was set in 1997.

Pioneer grafitti in High Rock Canyon

Exploring the American West The Paiute called the Black Rock and surrounding Great Basin desert home for thousands of years. When the Europeans began arriving the middle of the 19th century, they followed emigrant trails like the Noble, Lassen, and Applegate trail through the Black Rock Desert and High Rock Canyon heading west to California and Oregon. Participants will get to explore historic sites like the old watering holes and hot springs where emigrants led their cattle and mules, a makeshift cave that acted as an informal post office, pioneer graffiti on the walls of High Rock Canyon that has remained for over 150 years, and the murder site of Peter Lassen. If you look closely in the sage brush, you might just find the old tracks of wagon trains that passed through these parts 170+ years ago. There's Beauty in Them Hills

Beyond the rich emigrant and Native American History, the Black Rock is an absolutely stunning location, which features some of the darkest skies in the lower 48. There's nothing quite like stargazing

on the wide open expanse of the Black Rock Playa, one of the flattest places on earth. ASC will take

Best viewpoint in the Black Rock Desert

participants to little known locations like the microplayas (mini versions of the playa), the best viewpoint in the Black Rock, and little known cabins throughout the desert. You'll be amazed by the towering burnt orange walls of High Rock Canyon and the bubbling clear waters of Soldier Meadows hot springs. Chances are, you'll also get the opportunity to see wild horses and pronghorn antelope, the fastest land animals in the western hemisphere.

Weirdness in the Desert The desert has always lured in desert rats and eclectic folks, and the Black Rock is no different. Certainly, there must've been something about this corner of northwestern Nevada that attracted the hippies away from San Francisco to celebrate their annual burn in the Great Basin. And just like the Mojave Preserve and Death Valley, the Black Rock has it's quirks. You'll get to visit locations like Guru Road, and open air exhibit of oddities and desert art. We'll also do our best to setup a private tour at Fly Geyser Ranch, home to the Black Rock's very own version of old faithful-- except this one is somewhat of a manmade geyser.

High Rock Canyon

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Unknown member
Oct 01, 2023

Is it possible to do less days ? Unfortunately kids have school and they are going to lose lots of days with all trips planned


Is it 4 nights of camping?


Marcel Cacdac
Marcel Cacdac
Sep 13, 2023

What exactly do we get for $700? Just a tour?

Marcel Cacdac
Marcel Cacdac
Sep 26, 2023
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