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Route Details

The The route can be done in either direction, but locals say if you want to challenge yourself, then travel in clockwise manner starting in the south and ending near Coalmont. It should also be noted that the vast majority of obstacles feature go arounds, and in many cases, there are more than two options, which may range from easy to extreme. At times, due to the numerous trail braids and options, it can be difficult to follow the "main route", and using a GPS added app/hardware is recommended to stay the course. Every winter small groups of hard-core locals tackle the trail in the deep snow (and only experienced winter off roaders should attempt this), but most will take on the Whipsaw during the warmer summer months once the snow has receded. The later summer months are recommended, as the mosquitoes can be suffocating in the first half of summer. With the increased snow melt and run off, the earlier summer months tend to see high prevalences of mud bogs and pits.

Camping Recommendations

Some of our favorite places to camp along the Whipsaw (and there are many!), include KVR Camp, Wells Lake, Iron Mountain and Skaist Mountain. Dispersed camping is also permitted along the trail.

Discovery Points

  • DP1 - Telkwa River

Maps + Navigation

>> Always check with local land managers for road closures and conditions.

Recommended Maps

  • Google Maps

  • Gaia GPS (Gaia base layer)

Download GPX & KMZ files

  • Telkwa Pass Trail


Land Managers


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